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As a DCI Drum Major, tonal energy has become a vital part of how I run rehearsals. While I do believe it is the best rehearsal metronome and pitch source, a few small additions and improvements I believe could easily make Tonal Energy perfect!

1) Fix the subdivisions of "8 denominator" time signatures (7/8, 6/8, 5/8...).
              Currently there are major timing issues with how these signatures are subdivided. To get the correct tempo you must take                 two thirds of the tempo you want and put that tempo in. It would be a major improvement if the 8th note could equal the                     same value as all other time signatures (as it should) instead of beating the triplet.

2) Add metronome sounds as an option for the count-in.
             Whenever I rehearse the corps, every rep begins with an 8 count prep before the exercise. When I have a preset and need              to start in the middle of a Preset Group, I am having to constantly move around an 8 count preset on the fly to achieve this.              It would be extremely beneficial if there was an option for the count-in to use all the metronome sounds as well as accents.

3) Apple Watch Compatibility
            I often find myself running small sectionals with not only conducting responsibilities, but also running the metronome. Being             able to simply start and stop the met, as well as change tempo up and down, from my apple watch, would streamline my                   work flow immensely.

4) Change all tempos in a Preset Group at once
           It would be extremely helpful to be able to reduce all tempos in a Preset Group by both a set BPM and also a percentage                  (for example, be able to run a preset group at 80% tempo).


Posted on March 11, 2018 at 11:40 AM
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