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Transposed note display


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Hello, I really love the transposition function. I sing in a female barbershop quartet and chorus and we often have to transpose up to get an arrangement in our range. I often use the transposition function to be able to play the transposed notes I/we need to sing by playing the original note(s) (that way we can use the original sheets). It would be good to see what note I'm actually singing/playing in the transposed key (e.g., original key is F, transposed key is G, I play an A, which is transposed to a B - it would be great for less intuitive intervals to see the new note). It should be simple enough to overlay/display the transposed note in the circle (in a corner, e.g.) or perhaps even make it a second, narrow circle (either an inner or an outer, whichever is more intuitive) that "spins" with the transposed offset setting (much like a watch that allow you to display two time zones by spinning a dial to the correct offset). The black ring between the current circle and the center functions on the Sounds screen could be used for this, for example. As some people would find it too busy, it is a function you'd want configurable (on/off).

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Posted on March 13, 2017 at 3:13 PM
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