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Detailed Information on TonalEnergy Temperaments


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I'm currently making a record which is heavily based on overtone music as well as working with the performance of ethnic instruments ('Khomus') that are not tunable nor tuned to a 'standard' note. I'm achieving this through a mix of automated 'fine tune' controls as well as using the 'Concert A' and 'Custom Temperaments' functions of TonalEnergy. I'm planning to expand on this by using the similar functions of 'Reference Tuning' and 'Custom Scales (Fine Tune)' inside ThumbJam in order to introduce sequenced elements.

Translating between custom temperaments and scales is obvious enough, but I'm also interested in exploring the various preset temperaments inside TonalEnergy and would like to use them in combination with sequenced elements from ThumbJam, by 'translating' them into custom scales.

Is there any information available presenting the divergence from equal temperament (preferably in cents) for each of the built in TonalEnergy Temperaments?

Additionally what is considered the 'middle' note for a custom temperament or scale ('Concert A'?), as I believe that as I diverge from that I will become out of tune (for example one cent in the 440hz range will be half that of the 220hz and double that in the 880hz ranges).

Thanks and best regards,
Oscar South

Posted on July 09, 2016 at 7:58 AM
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