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New update v1.1 available


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 This version fixes several bugs and adds the top most requested features. 

- Fixed issues that caused incorrect pitch recognition results in certain circumstances.
- Fixed disappearing preferences issue on ipad

- Added external video display support for all devices. 
  There is a new section in the preferences which enables the dedicated video output. Options include resolution, plot choice and dark or light theme for the dedicated display.

- Zooming control for waveform added to specify how much time you want to see.  Range from 30 seconds, all the way down to oscilloscope-like short durations.
- Waveform freeze by double tapping plot, double-tap again to unfreeze.
- Double-tapping external midi keyboard note to set Just key center now works
- Can now shift the currently sustained notes by octaves: press and hold the +/- octave buttons

Posted on March 02, 2012 at 10:59 AM
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