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TET v1.2 released!


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- Optimized for retina iPads, iPhone 5, and new iPod 
- Improved sensitivity for all string and wind instruments and for use with clip-on instrument microphones 
- New Auto chord recognition to automatically pick root note when using Just temperament 
- Refined tuning of tone generator instruments 
- New metronome features including visual pulse and additional rhythm subdivisions 
- New Harmonic Energy spectral bar graph 
- New Auto-vibrato option for tone generation, with configurable rate, depth, and onset delay. 
- Updated visual enhancements for Target and Chromatic Generator to improve pitch indicators for all stringed 
- Added new linear and logarithmic scaling options to improve visual aspects for the waveform window 
- New recording export options: email, AudioCopy, SoundCloud, and open In another app 
- Added Audiobus support for pitch and spectral analysis from audio produced by other apps. Seehttp://audiob.us for more information. 
- Added Background option, for playing files, metronome, or the internal instruments via MIDI while running other apps 
- More fully featured MIDI configuration, including MIDI clock synchronization capability to sync tempo of multiple devices 

Don't forget to update your user reviews and ratings for the new version! Also, please send feedback to support@tonalenergy.com or post on the forums here for any questions or concerns, as we cannot respond to user reviews in the App Store!

Posted on March 06, 2013 at 8:52 AM
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