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Enhancement: Relative tempo change as percentage


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Please see the attached tenor chart for Stride.

I would like to have a preset group for this chart that I can slow down for practice and have all the tempos change relative to the starting tempo i select. To do that, I want to make tempo changes be relative. However, as I understand it, the relative is an actual number of BPM from the starting tempo. What I think i need for relative is a percentage of the beginning tempo. Imagine that I set the starting tempo at 200. At E, the tempo should change across 8 bars to end up 50% slower (i.e. 100). At G, the tempo should increase to 75% (i.e. 150). In the 9th bar of G, the tempo would increase across 8 bars to be back to 100% (i.e. 200).
With this percentage feature for relative tempo changes, I could start my practice tempo at 150, at E the tempo would start slowing across 8 bars to end up at 75. At G the tempo would go to 112.5. At the 9th bar of G, the tempo would start accelerating across 8 bars back to 150.

Attachments: Stride-Tenor2.pdf
Posted on September 07, 2019 at 8:16 PM
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